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49ers’ Kyle Shanahan Recalls Scary Offseason Shark Encounter – NBC Los Angeles

Shanahan recounts offseason shark encounter while surfing originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Shark Week wrapped up on July 30, but 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan made a late contribution by sharing an encounter he had with a shark during the offseason while surfing. 

During an interview with NFL Network’s Mike Yam and Steve Mariucci, Shanahan shared the story that will earn him credit around the San Francisco locker room. 

“I don’t choose to swim with sharks,” Shanahan said. “But I was just telling them the story. I was surfing this offseason, and I saw a baby great white in my wave, and it was a little scary.”

Mariucci decided to have fun at Shanahan’s expense. The former 49ers coach called the 42-year-old a “surfer dude,” leading Shanahan to respond by saying catching waves is a way to spend time with his son more than riding on the board. 

“I’m definitely not a surfer dude,” Shanahan said. “I’m just trying to spend time with my son. I’m more of a wannabe surfer.”

The 49ers coach isn’t the biggest social media user and has preached to his players about staying in the moment.

So spending time surfing with his son is likely a way Shanahan detaches himself from the day-to-day grind of being an NFL coach. But next time, he’ll be looking to see if there are any other companions out in the water.



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