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Four Things You Didn’t Know About Wimbledon Finalist Ons Jabeur – NBC Los Angeles

Ons Jabeur is making history.

The 27-year-old is the first Arab and first African woman to reach the Wimbledon final.

On Thursday, Jabeur defeated Germany’s Tatjana Maria 6-2, 3-6, 6-1 to reach that milestone.

Jabeur will face Kazakhstan’s Elena Rybakina in Saturday’s final at 9 a.m. ET.

If she wins, she will be honored with the prestigious Venus Rosewater Dish and $2.5 million in prize money

Regardless of the outcome, she will have plenty to be proud of.

Ahead of the final, here are four things you didn’t know about About Wimbledon Finalist Ons Jabeur:

Ons Jabeur is the first Arab and first African woman to reach the Wimbledon final

Not only that, she was also the first Arab tennis player — male or female — to break the top 10 in singles.

“I’m a proud Tunisian woman standing here today — I know in Tunisia they are going crazy right now,” Jabeur said after her semifinal win.

Jabeur was born and raised in Tunisia and currently resides in Sousse, 87 miles south of the capital, Tunis.

“I just try to inspire as much as I can — I want to see more Arab and African players on the tour, I love the game and I want to share the experience with them.

At the Australian Open in 2020, Jabeur called herself a “100% Tunisian product” and admits to having turned down opportunities to train in the U.S. so she could be at home.

In 2019, she was the Arab Woman of the Year Award in the sports category.

Ons Jabeur is married to her husband Karim Kamoun

Karim Kamoun is a Russian-Tunisian fencer who has been married to Jabeur since 2015.

Kamoun has been Jabeur’s physical trainer since 2017 and the couple regularly travels to tournaments together.

“My husband, Karim, jokes he doesn’t want to go to the shopping mall with me anymore because it gets too busy with people coming up to me. But I love it,” Jabeur told BBC last month.

At this rate, Kamoun better get used to the attention because there’s no stopping Jabeur.

Ons Jabeur competed in the Olympics three times

Jabeur represented Tunisia in women’s singles at the Olympics three times in 2012, 2016 and 2021.

The Tunisian lost in the first round of all three events but said that the most important part of the Games is “always representing my country.”

Jabeur said in 2020 that she looks forward to competing in the future Summer Olympics.

Ons Jabeur is a soccer fan and plays recreationally

Jabeur not only has excellent touch with her hands when hitting iconic drop shots, but she also has a great feel when kicking a soccer ball.

The Tunisian is a big fan of Étoile Sportive du Sahel and Real Madrid CF.

In Jabeur’s Twitter bio, she says she is “Crazy about football.”

When she’s not on a field practicing her kicks, you can find her launching tennis balls during her matches.



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