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Jaime Jarrín Remembers His Friendship With Vin Scully – NBC Los Angeles

Vin Scully, the voice of the Dodgers since moving to LA, who began his career as the team’s broadcaster in Brooklyn, is remembered Wednesday by players, fans, baseball executives, and city dignitaries for his stories and his love for baseball.

One of them is the Spanish-language announcer for the Dodgers, Jaime Jarrín, who highlighted the legacy that Scully has left.

“I believe that the legacy that Vin Scully leaves us is very great, very rich indeed,” Jarrín said in a telephone interview for Telemundo 52. “Because in Southern California, and throughout the country, everyone deeply loved Vin Scully.”

Jarrín highlighted Scully’s prowess as a commentator in other sports. 

“[He was] the most fabulous of the commentators, of the chroniclers, not only in baseball but in other sports, like football, and tennis,” Jarrín said.

Jarrín, who is also a Hall of Famer, will retire as the LA Dodgers’ Spanish-language broadcaster after the 2022 season, ending a 64-year streak with the team.

The announcer recalled the role Scully played in his professional training as a broadcaster for the Dodgers. 

“Vin Scully was something very special for me,” Jarrín said. “[He was] a very great person in my life. He was my mentor, my teacher, my confidante, my professional inspiration, and, above all, he was a tremendous friend.”

Scully broadcasted Dodger games from 1950, when the team was based in Brooklyn, until his retirement in 2016 at age 88. His 67-year tenure as a broadcaster for the Dodgers is the longest for a broadcaster with a team.

“Major League Baseball has lost its greatest broadcaster,” Jarrín said. “Without a doubt, his knowledge of the game, his style, his delivery, made it very, very special.”



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