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NCAA Proposes Elimination of Transfer Limit for Student-Athletes – NBC Los Angeles

The evolution of the NCAA transfer portal continues.

On Thursday, the NCAA announced during SEC Media Days that student-athletes would be allowed to transfer “more than once” without any repercussions. 

The proposal is “intended to better support student-athletes, improve efficiency and timeliness in the infractions process, and improve clarity in the transfer environment,” the release states.

It adds that schools are required to provide incoming transfers financial aid for up to five years or until graduation.

The news comes as student-athletes were originally required to sit out a year as a penalty for transferring when the portal was introduced in 2018. In 2021, players were given the chance to play at a school immediately after transferring one time.

In response to the announcement, Tennessee football coach Josh Heupel said after the first hearing, “Surprised at that? Absolutely surprised at that.” 

“I think it only heightens the craziness to the transfer portal,” he added.

As it stands, coaches were not fond of the NCAA transfer portal when it was first implemented as the numbers of transfers skyrocketed, negatively impacting team camaraderie and coaching. 

The numbers increased so dramatically that coaches were left to constantly reteach their systems to new players, according to Jeff Goodman, a basketball analyst.

“There’s so much movement that I think it is affecting and will affect the quality of play as much as anything else because you’re going to have a complete roster overall every single year, not have the chemistry and the continuity that you’ve had over the years,” basketball analyst Jeff Goodman told NBC in June.

The proposal will go on to the Division I Board of Directors in August for evaluation.



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