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Premier League Standings for 2021-22 Season – NBC Los Angeles

After an international break that saw most of the Qatar World Cup group stages set, the English Premier League is back in action on Saturday. With eight matchweeks to go, the top 20 soccer teams in England are jostling for league position with more intensity and added impetus. 

For the top teams, a top-four finish is important, as it automatically qualifies them for the UEFA Champions League, a tournament of Europe’s top teams. Fifth place qualifies for the UEFA Europa League, a secondary European competition, while sixth-place qualifies for the UEFA Europa Conference League.

The upcoming games could shake up the positions even further – here’s how to watch them.

At the bottom of the table, teams fight for survival as the bottom three teams in the league at the end of the season are relegated to the EFL Championship, the league below the Premier League. The top three teams in the EFL Championship are promoted to the Premier League to replace them. 

Manchester City still holds a slight lead at the top of the table but Liverpool has gained valuable ground over recent months and is now only one point off the leader. Chelsea and Arsenal sit in third and fourth place respectively, though both have one game less played than the two teams at the top. Tottenham and Manchester United follow closely behind, but time is dwindling to capture one of the coveted four Champions League places.

At the other end of the table, Norwich has almost sealed their fate of relegation with only 17 points this season, while Burnley and Watford still struggle to fight their way out of the bottom spots. Everton, who have not been relegated from the Premier League since 1951, is in danger as they sit precariously in sixteenth place, but have two games in hand. 

Take a look a the full standings below:



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