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US Open Under Heat as Serena Williams Montages Claimed ‘Disrespectful’ – NBC Los Angeles

US Open under heat as Serena Williams montages claimed ‘disrespectful’ originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Every match Serena Williams has played at the 2022 U.S. Open has included a pre-match montage of the tennis legend and all she has done for the sport.

While the incentive is nice, the order of events is a bit distasteful. The order of events at the 7 p.m. ET night session has included the announcers bringing out Williams’ opponents, followed by a lengthy montage of the 23-Grand Slam champion, forcing each opponent to remind themselves of her iconic career.

Williams’ opponent tonight, world No. 46 Ajla Tomjanović said she will not be watching the montage when she steps foot on court.

“I already know who she is,” Tomljanovic told the media on Wednesday. “I don’t want to get reminded everything she’s done in the sport.”

Typically, U.S. Open etiquette entails that players with the lower ranking walk out first, but for Williams this year, the rules have been bent.

Some have called out the move, saying it has been “disrespectful.”

One way around the drama would be to have Williams introduced to the court first with her historic montage followed by her opponent’s entrance.

Williams is set to take on Australia’s Tomljanović on Friday at 7 p.m. ET.



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